Social media influence helped Mosambi farmer During Lockdown at Raichur

It was second fortnight of April and the nation was Witnessing lockdown in order to protect its citizens getting infected from the covid 19 pandemic, while the nation was locked in their homes, the backbone of our nation, “farmer” (s) who grew sweet lime(mosambi) were left oblivious about selling the produce they had grown by their hard labor which otherwise would get sold in the distant wholesale markets.

Under these circumstances Raichur Youth Friends got to know about the problems being faced by the farmers through social media and Raichuryouthfriends contacted the farmer and the farmer was expecting ₹300 for 10kilograms of Mosambi then asked few snaps of their produce and posted them on all the social media handles of Raichuryouthfriends which received a fantastic response from the people of Raichur, within a few hours the farmer had received orders upto 800kg, the very next day the farmer got around 2 tonnes of his produce to Raichur packed in 10 kg packets, with the help of Department of Horticulture, who had made necessary arrangements for the permits and other requirements finally sold them.

Above news article was reported in local kannada newspaper


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